Treatment rooms

An entire floor focused on beauty and health where you will enjoy different massages and treatments. You will let yourself to be surprised by hydromassage bathtubs sensations combined with musictherapy or chromotherapy.

Absolute well-being in our 18 rooms where you will enjoy anti-stress, relaxing, firming, reducing, slimming, oxygenating, tranquilizing, detoxifying, holistic and therapeutic treatments or beauty rituals that are as important as water benefits.

Aromatherapy, chromotherapy, musictherapy, body and facial treatments or massages are offered as a wide range of options covering any needs in these treatment rooms. They can be single or double, some of them fully equipped.

- 18 spa treatment rooms (hydrotherapy and treatments)
- Vichy shower, pressurized water shower
- Hydromassage bathtubs
- Hydrojet bathtubs (dry treatment)
- Oriental treatments bath