"A la carte" recommendations

We advise you to follow step by step each of our instructions. We propose you 2 different circuits depending on your experience in other Spa centers:

- Spa Circuit for non-experienced people, duration of 1 hour and 45 minutes approximately.
- Spa Circuit for experienced people, duration of 2 hours and 30 minutes approximately.

To enjoy any of these proposals, you must buy the general entrance to the spa circuit 3hs.
3rd Floor
Warm shower
Hydrotherapy baths (Jacuzzis at 28ºC-32ºC)

5th floor
- Dynamic swimming pool at 32ºC:
- Vertical massage with jets
- Water-air seats
- Swan-neck jets
- Massage falls
- Outdoors Hydrotherapy swimming pools

Contrast swimming pool at 12ºC:
- Pebble way
Approximately duration: 30 minutes

5th Floor
- Relaxation swimming pool at 34ºC:
- Underwater beds
- Water-air seats
- Water currents
Contrast swimming pool at 12ºC:
- Underwater jets
Approximately duration: 20 minutes

4th floor
- Steam bath in essence room for 7 minutes.
- Pediluvium 8 minutes.
- Cold shower of sensations (blue button)
- Relaxation area 10 minutes.
- Sanarium at 55-60ºC and 45-50% of humidity for 8 minutes.
- Cold contrast shower or ice fountain
- Tepidarium or caldarium 10 minutes
3rd Floor
Temperate Shower
Hidrotherapy tubs (jacuzzis at 30º-34º)

5th Floor
Hydromassage pool 32º:
- Vertical massage jets
- Air/water seats
- Swan-necks
- Vertical massage waterfall
- Outdoor hydrotherapy tubs (Jacuzzis)
Contrast pool 12º:
- Walking on pebbles
Relaxation area
Approximately duration: 45 minutes
Relaxation pool 34º:
- Relaxation beds
- Air/water seats
- Current circuits
Contrast pool 10-12º:
- Wall hydrotherapy jets
Relaxation area
Approximately duration: 30 minutes

4th Floor
- Pediluvium, 8 minutes
- Caldarium 40º and 45-50% of humidity for 10 minutes
- Cold contrast shower
Relaxation area: 10 minutes
- Sauna 85º, 12 minutes
- Ice fountain
- Tepidarium, 10 minutes.
- Turkish bath 60º and 85-90% humidity for 10 minutes.
- Contrast shower
Relaxation area: 10 minutes