Art and spa at Sport Wellness

Meticulously located in Sport Wellness you can find cuttings, pictures, engravings, silo screens or wrought iron, wood or crystal sculptures of exclusive design from Domènec Fita,who is a prestigious artist from Gerona. These works were specially designed for Sport Hotels Resort & Spa. It decoration recycles and makes good use of natural elements, aluminum, paper or wood turning them into details situated in wide reading and relaxing spaces with excellent nature views and with mountain-orientated balconies, etc.

Domènec Fita i Molar (Girona, 1927) expressed his artistic ability on sculpture, painting, drawing and ceramics. He started working on sculpture in a workshop of religious statues until 1946 when he studied at the Superior Fine Arts School in Barcelona. Fita is an important name for the contemporary art in Catalonia. It is difficult to classify his work due to the diversity and plurality of his creations.