Fitness centre

Our Fitness Centre is a fully equipped gym where you can find all new Technogym technology as cardiovascular and weight training machines. You will be able to follow your daily routine of exercises or try a personalized training program that our trainers will design specially for you.

In our Fitness Centre at 1850 meters above sea level you will find all the advantages of a training practiced at a moderate altitude. Between 1,500 and 3,000 meters of altitude you reach a good level of stimulus

with limited repercussion over performance. It allows you to practice suitable and high quality trainings.

The process is simple: when you train at certain altitude, that is under regime of hypoxia, your number of blood cells increases. Once you descend, this high hematocrit level on your blood oxygenates your muscles better. It provides a higher energy amount and your muscles are more productive delaying tiredness.