The answer to your questions

The word Spa comes from Latin and it is an abbreviation of the terms: Salute Per Aqua, that is Health through water. So, Spa is a center where water treatments are applied. The water used for these treatments is known by its composition and therapeutic properties. A Spa must have the necessary facilities to apply these treatments, and their therapists must be highly-trained professionals.
In Sport Wellness Mountain Spa, we based all our services on water benefits, minerals, clays and essential oils; all of this accompanied by physical exercise, and, of course, by the high professionalism of our team.
In our Spa, you will be able to enjoy different types of treatments destined for well-being, health and beauty for our clients. As well, you can enjoy our superb hydrotherapy circuit.
Guests of Sport Hermitage hotel will have free access to the Spa. Guests from Sport Village Hotels and Sport will have access to the Spa under very special conditions. Also, all guests from Sport Hotels Resort & SPA will have special treatment prices.
All other clients will be able to enjoy any of our services by appointment and subject to applicable rates.
Everybody with none of the following contraindications: infectious skin diseases, cardiovascular diseases, recent severe heart attack, high blood pressure or severe low blood pressure, fever, discomfort.
In case of pregnancy, you must consult your doctor.
No, because the Spa is a Health and Well-being center designed for our clients relaxation. So, the access to the thermal circuit and gym is restricted for children under 13 years old. Also, for young people between 14 and 18 years old it is compulsory to be accompanied by an adult.
Yes, either by phone or visiting our Spa in order to book your service. Even you can make your appointment through our website.
For our Fitness, it is necessary to wear training shoes with soft tan and comfortable sports clothes. For the Spa, it is necessary to wear suitable shoes and swimming trunks. The Spa will provide you with towels, and if you have forgotten your swimming costume you will be able to buy one of your size in our facilities.
You can get changed in our male or female Spa changing rooms. Do not hesitate to consult our staff if you have any doubt or need.
Yes, before starting the circuit and after using the thermal facilities.
Yes, we advise to shave some hours before your facial treatment.
It is not recommended, as the skin needs to rest after a treatment in order to take effect and not to expose the skin to harmful effects from the sun rays (UVA room included), swimming pool chlorine and/or sea salt.
We suggest you to arrive at least 15 minutes before your booking in order to have enough time to get ready for your treatment as it should finish on time in order to not inconvenience the next client.
We advise not to wear jewels, they are not compatible with some services and alga treatments. Also, we suggest you not to take any valuables as the Spa accepts no responsibility for them.
No, as we think about your own well-being and comfort. Also you will not bother other clients that want to be relaxed and rest in a calm environment.
We hope it not to happen. Please, respect the Spa cancellation policy, informing at least two hours before your treatment. Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the treatment will be completely paid.
You can consult with us, speak with our professionals. They will help you to personalize your treatment and assure you more enjoyment and better use of your stay.